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Welcome to Sequoyah Condominiums
23015 Edmonds Way, WA 98020
Have a look around. Renters access is limited to the public pages. Owners can view everything after registering at above left. All requests for access are checked against our master owners list.
If valid, we try to grant access within 24 hours.
Site abuse will result in immediate loss of owners access privileges,
and may be forwarded to the proper authorities.

No fans or air conditioning units:
According to our rules, no changes to the exterior appearance of any building can be made. That means no through/in window fans or air conditioning units can be installed. If you purchased or rent a unit on the sunny side of a building, it can get quite warm on summer afternoons. The board has sanctioned "building colored" Sun-Setter brand shades to help with this condition. They can be purchased at Costco and should be installed by a professional. Sun shades are meant to help control afternoon sun, and are not intended for closing off patios/decks. One shade per unit limit. Shades should only be down during intense sun conditions, and are not meant to be used as privacy screens.
Renters should get owners permission before any work is done.
Pool rules:
Shower before entering the pool
1. Key required to enter and exit pool enclosure
2. Keep gate closed unless entering or exiting
3. The pool is a “resident amenity” and, as such, can be used only by those who are residing in the  condos. Everyone else, including off site owners, must be a guest of a resident.
4. Children 6 and under cannot be in the pool without an adult
5. Please keep noise to a minimum out of respect for surrounding owners
6. Do not remove or play on or with rope
7. No glass containers in pool enclosure
8. Use outside bathroom only
9. Residents are responsible for their guests. A resident can have no more than a group of ten, including the resident, at any one time at the pool.
10. Rules strictly enforced
11. No pets allowed in pool enclosure
Common sense concerning proper attire, language, and respect for others is greatly appreciated.  Rules prohibit diapered or naked swimmers.
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